Lit & Channel Letters

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Lit channel letters are a timeless way to promote your brand on your building or on a monument sign. At night, each individual letter lights up giving the appearance of your name floating on your building. Letters can be flush mounted to the building or on a raceway to allow for easier installation and less penetrations into the wall. We can light the in a variety of ways, including back and halo lit options. Our letters are all LED illuminated ensuring a long lasting display and low impact on our world. We also offer lit cabinet signs in a variety of shapes but are best known are the classic rectangular shape. These signs are typically internally illuminated and are built from an extrusion system that allows for a variety of depth. This style is most often found on the exterior storefront but can also serve as interior signage as well. In addition to being wall mounted, cabinet signs can also be mounted on poles or on a monument sign base.